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The sensual massage London addresses the whole body not just the erogenous areas and the sexual organs

Posted at Jan 19, 2020

The sensual massage London addresses the whole body not just the erogenous areas and the sexual organs, symbolically called Lingham ("sword of light" or "bunch of rays" in Sanskrit) and Yoni ("sacred space"). In the sensual massage London phyllosophy, nudity does not represent an impediment to physical and spiritual fulfillment but a return to the initial condition of man, when man and woman represented a whole and initiation into the mysteries of sexuality did not exclude spiritual purification and ascension.

We hope that you will feel this stay as an initiatory journey in another dimension, in which you will explore in a different way, both your body and the inner universe, under completely new aspects, both through the senses and through through the environment. If you are in search of a very pleasant state of relaxation, in an intimate environment, discreetly scented with natural flavors, with warm lights and music suitable for relaxation, you are welcome in our studio. We will provide you with everything you need for your maximum comfort. You will be greeted by one of the therapists, who will take care of you throughout your stay with us.

You can start by applying on the back of the partner a few drops of oil that you have previously warmed in the palms: the first touch should be a sensual and pleasant, not one that will give the partner glow ... Like any type of massage and tantric begins with the application of an aromatic oil that has the role of relaxing the muscles, to put the blood in motion by gently warming the skin and to balance the body and spirit. on your own at sensual massage London!

The sensual massage London has a much deeper substrate. Yin is also known as the energy of relaxation - that time of relaxation that a person experiences, while doing a massage or a hot bath. Tantra is the meeting between yin and yang, incorporating specific techniques to invite both energetic sides in the massage. sensual massage London is an ancient form of massage that can be a fantastic way to perform a prelude to a couple; but it is equally beneficial for the ones alone. Yang, on the other hand, is that sensual energy that flows through the body like electricity. There is a great deal of confusion between the concept of nuru massage and erotic massage, which is why we will offer some explanations in the following lines.

The focus is on stimulating energy in the case of sensual massage London. This type of massage seeks to unite energy flows, but without having the basic intention to stimulate the person from a sexual point of view. It is pleasant and sensual in many respects, but it cannot be put a sign of equality between it and the sensual massage London. Instead, erotic massage focuses on sexual stimulation, and hence the difference.