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What you need to know in erotic massage at vanilla tantric

Posted at Nov 29, 2019

Erotic massage London is a tantric experience, through which you can bring your lover from total relaxation, to sublime pleasure, using only the power of touch. Basically, we are programmed to feel pleasure when we are touched, because everywhere our skin is rich in nerve endings. And in this regard I have prepared an erotic massage guide, which includes practical tips and exciting touch techniques. Our skin contains millions of nerve endings, which are just waiting to be stimulated in the most sensual way. The benefits of an erotic massage are both physical and mental or spiritual. Erotic massage experts believe that, beyond sexual intercourse, touching also plays an important role, bringing many benefits. The intimate area can be reached, as well as the other erogenous zones of the partner, but oral sex and normal sex are not part of the menu.

Massage experts rely on a very sensual touch, which enhances the pleasure offered by ejaculation. Once you reach the climax, change the purpose of the massage. In addition, it is recognized that it contributes to the improvement of circulation, as well as to the healing of several diseases. Don't even ignore your toes!
After this royal treatment, it's time for your boyfriend to come back. This technique allows you to apply more pressure with your fingertips or palm bridge. Remember, do not take your lover's hand when changing position or pouring massage oil on your lover's body. It's about prostate massage. Do not put pressure directly on the spine. Erotic massage means permanent physical contact, and the masseuse keeps a hand on the client throughout the massage. The masseuses usually proceed by massaging the penis until the man is about to orgasm, then take a short break and resume stimulation. In this way a sexual energy exchange between the two is ensured. Bottom-up movements along the buttocks are also welcome.
Afterwards, you will continue with the massage of the thighs, the legs and the soles. Be careful when his penis becomes rigid, and the testicles strengthen and climb to the base of the penis. The posterior of the partner should also be massaged with circular movements, starting from the noada (the terminal part of the spine), towards the outside. The massage should begin with a series of relaxation techniques. How do you realize your boyfriend is about to ejaculate, to stop you? Silk sheets, ambient sound background and candles with aphrodisiac aromas (such as lavender) are some things that should not be missing from your madman's nest. The bronze rule would be that "what the right hand does must also do the left hand", for example, when massaging the back of the partner. While your lover sits on his belly, arms around his body, sit on top of him and start the massage from your lover's palms. To make sure things are going naturally, you should have a pre-set massage plan in mind so you don't get stuck in the process. Ideally, you should choose an essential oil with aphrodisiac effect (click and discover x essential oils with adrodisiac effect), so that your touch will cause even greater pleasure. When you touch your lover, leave your body weight on your arms and hands. Another tip would be to put the oil bottle in hot water, if you notice that the massage oil is very cold. Massage them gently and continue massaging his arms and shoulders.
From the shoulders, continue massaging the shoulder blades and back, until you reach the back. If I already told you what the golden rule of masses is, find out that the silver one is supposed to respect the symmetry of the body in the massage. If you massage one arm, you will massage the other in the same way. Many people ignore this when performing a massage - first you have to massage your hands with oil, then pour a few drops on the body of your partner. That way, you don't get tired so quickly. Erotic massage is one of the most effective methods of daily stress relief and complete relaxation. If until now the goal was to relax your boyfriend, now the goal is to provoke his erection and excite him more and more intensely. The masseuse will touch the entire body of her client, from head to toe, but will avoid touching her intimate area. Only when you see that your boyfriend's body is completely relaxed, you can massage his penis, experts from the London salon, Carrezia, advise. In addition, you should know that the room where the massage takes place must have a temperature higher than 22 degrees Celsius. But there are certain details that transform the massage into an exceptional, unforgettable experience, and Confidential is one of the salons that prides itself on accomplishing all of them. In this way every touch is well lubricated and causes only pleasure. This willful postponement of orgasm creates sexual tension, which will bring to man a flashing orgasm. This ensures the uninterrupted erotic energy exchange between the two, as well as the heat of the body. You will continue the massage along the legs, but without touching the intimate area.
You will continue with circular movements on the abdomen and chest, after which you will pamper him with a relaxing facial massage.
Only now, when your lover is completely relaxed, can you surprise him with intimate touches. It uses circular motions that begin in the center and radiate outwards.
The next step is massaging the buttocks. When you see that your boyfriend is about to orgasm and you want to let him reach the peaks of pleasure, with one hand massage his penis, and with the other slightly massage the area between the anus and penis, area that communicates with the prostate. Move your whole body, not just your hands. Specialists claim that both the masseuse and the client must be completely undressed during the massage. The final will be of maximum intensity for your partner! Rather, it massages the muscles and surrounding skin.

In the case of the back, at least, use your body weight and not the force of your hands to make it feel stronger. Then another rapid slip from top to bottom. until ejaculation becomes inevitable Remember that you have to postpone ejaculation as much as possible: stop, change the movement and give it a break one minute before continuing with the mannerisms. Perfect touches Ask your boyfriend to lie flat on his belly. After every 10 seconds, you increase the number of "slips": 4, 5 and so on ... Benefits? Eye contact and teasing are very important now ... And a small definition "as in the book", to know what we are talking about: the use of traditional massage for sexual purposes (excitement, increasing libido, pleasure in general!) Is called erotic massage. However, there are some tactics that never fail: - assuming that his penis is not still erect: gently grab his testicles with one hand, massaging the area of ​​the perineum; with the other hand, perform a downward movement from the base to the head - Mangai the manly member from top to bottom with one hand; when you reach the base, repeat the handling with the other hand, creating an alternative movement that will drive him crazy - Grab his penis in his hand and sensually handle it for 10 seconds, then let your hand slide briefly and precisely from the top to the top. If he liked it, it's his turn to offer you some magical mangers. For starters, three keywords: ambience, patience, touch. Endless! Ask him to sit on his back, so that you can handle his chest, arms and palms. The basic rules of massage say that you must always be in contact with the partner, both by touch and by words; keep a steady pace, but not too fast and pay attention to its state changes. You will feel the erotic energy between you grow; now is the time to move on to more sexually inclined manners. At the end of the massage session, you can cover your lover with a blanket, so that the pleasant warmth he has accumulated to keep as much as possible. At the end of the massage session, you can cover your lover with a blanket, so that the pleasant warmth he has accumulated to keep as much as possible. Remember that you have to postpone ejaculation as much as you can: stop, change the movement and give it a minute's pause before continuing with the exercises. Take it from the end and, for another 10 seconds, touch it as delicate and exciting. For the rest of the body, you can use classic massage oils, which you can find at any pharmacy! Keep the bottle of lubricant as handy as possible, you should apply a small amount every 15-20 minutes. Remember lubrication When you reach the genitals, lubrication is the first condition for a successful massage! down. If it is advisable to use only water-based lubricant (to avoid any kind of vaginal infection), in his case you can choose lubricants based on oil or silicone. The most common formula in erotic massage is that of reciprocity: one of the partners receives the massage, then returns the favor. In addition to the relaxation and well-being that a classical massage offers, an erotic massage session can offer multiple orgasms, full relaxation for the pelvic muscles and intense pleasure! It starts with light touches and kisses on the neck, while trying to synchronize your breathing rhythm with his. Turn on candles and scented sticks, turn off your phones for a few hours and choose a CD with your favorite music to put on repeat - it doesn't necessarily have to be something extra-relaxing like Buddha Bar; Alternatives would be Morcheeba, Portishead or R n B chillout music. go down with the handles to the legs, touching the genital organs. Atmosphere & music Give yourself time to prepare the "decor": ideally you would have a special massage table available, if not, go with a blanket on the floor (the idea is to stay on something loud!). Rest with your hands on his back, in the shoulder area, then give him a comforting massage on the entire surface of his back, feet and soles. If he liked it, it's his turn to offer you some magical manga ... To make him feel the sensations even more acute, you can tie your lover to the eye throughout the session ... Here's where we recommend you start ... If the title has incited you, let's get to work! Nobody knows better than you how your lover likes to be handled.

Each movement must be made long and delicate, so that it is felt intensely in the skin. Alternate the massage movements with a close approach of the hands to the erogenous areas, without going to the facts. Try to keep a steady pace of movements. You can start with massage of the shoulders and neck for relaxation, in a regular massage. Continuous movement is the key to a successful massage, but also the care with which the partner is reached. From time to time, change the type of movements, to avoid the embarrassing situation in which the partner is so relaxed that he fell asleep. Listen to your partner if he says he prefers stronger or weaker touch. Use your instinct, and when things have evolved, guide yourself through your partner's response to the moves you make. Thus, the partner will get used to the touch. It can also be used "props": a soft scarf or a feather can "slip" on the partner's skin from time to time or lightly crease. It is forbidden to rush, jerk, which might surprise the partner or even irritate him. It is essential that both hands exert approximately equal pressure throughout the massage, in order not to create the sensation of irregularity. Start with the spine and go down to the base of your back. When the hands leave the skin, the movement must be done slowly, in a "slip" style. Sensual touch can stimulate and pave the way for new experiences. Before you can experience subtle erotic sensations, both partners need to feel connected and safe, both physically and emotionally.

In addition, it favors the easy sliding of the hands throughout the body, making the sensation felt during the massage even more pleasant. Of course, this should be chosen carefully, because too strong odors can be quite disturbing and not all have aphrodisiac effects. However, the massage does not start directly with the application of the oil, because there are certain techniques, such as light hitting, kneading and rubbing, which aim to relax the extremely tense muscles. Massage oil is one of the most important factors, as it softens the hands of the masseuse and warms them.