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Have you felt under pressure to break UK lockdown restrictions?

Posted at Jan 12, 2021

With Chris Witty warning the public to ‘double down’ on avoiding contact with others as the NHS heads towards its “most dangerous” point in the pandemic, the importance of adhering to lockdown restrictions is higher than ever. However, many of us have come under pressure - from family, friends and even employers - to break the rules.

We are looking to speak to people who have been pressured into breaking the lockdown restrictions. You may have been asked to work while being furloughed by an employer – or just invited into someone’s house for a coffee. Have you asked people to bend rules?

Were you comfortable being asked to do so? How did you navigate the situation? Do you feel some rules are difficult to stick to? What have been your experiences of bending rules designed to reduce the spread of Covid-19?

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