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Guardian readers: the 10 funniest things (on the internet) this past year – according to you!

Posted at Jan 07, 2021

1. Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs by Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall’s Covid cover of his own song, Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels comes front of mind. – ChrisR22

Dance now.

2. This song about feelings

This music teacher, coping with online learning by writing a song about her thoughts. – helenholmes

So moving, so relatable!

3. #ConductorCam

Broadway actor Rob McClure’s truly delicious “conductor” series. Warning: number 12 is physically painful for musicians. And yes, it’s “proper” conducting. Start with episode one, below, then see all the rest here. – PeterFyfe

Ladies and Gentleman...I give you the world premier of an ongoing series I’m calling... #conductorcam🎼#quarantinelife #werefinehere

— Rob McClure (@RobMcClure) May 4, 2020

4. This cartoon by Nathan W Pyle

OK, it was tweeted in 2019 but it brings the world two new terms: “rollsuck” and “foot fabric”. And for those who were stuck in our homes in lockdown for so long observing the filth, it just seems so appropriate to 2020. –@TomJohnstone

— Nathan W. Pyle (@nathanwpyle) March 28, 2019

5. This child, who is going places

… just not to the pub. – Maize99

But she’s SIX!

6. This coronavirus version of Torn

This version by Jayesslee …

So I’m kind of scared of being here ...

… which is a cover of this cover by Kathy Mak of Torn by Natalie Imbruglia (which is itself a cover). – SparkyThe Dog

... there’s lots of talking, lots of breathing without protective gear ...

7. Covid dog cough

This I did laugh at so it was good to know that I wasn’t actually dead after all. – Pallster

The dog is smart

8. Christian Hull guessing paint colours

By far the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. – Not_Seebo

Not quite watching paint dry.

9. Kate Miller-Heidke’s son Ernie’s songwriting

My go-to cheer me up. Best belly laugh of 2020. – zinrie

10. The Chaser’s take on contact tracing

– sammy189

They are world class, honestly